Feb 2018: WPI Outreach at Kagaku Miraikan

During this month, I was lucky enough to be invited to the World Premier Institute (WPI) outreach event at the Kagaku Miraikan in Odaiba, Tokyo. My topic for the ‘Science Cafe’ event was “What would happen if all of the fossil fuels on earth were gone?”. I was able to talk to attendees both young and old about how fossil fuels underpin our current lifestyles, as well as the need to transition to more sustainable sources of energy, the role of researchers, and also what we can all do to help out.

The I2CNER booth was well attended, with many questions about the current and future energy system. In the afternoon, I gave two short lectures to the public. The first was attended by mostly young children who shared their great ideas for the future. The second session was attended by the parents, who were very interested in the future options for the energy system, and some of the pitfalls that researchers have to contend with.

The final event for the day was a brief presentation about the range of research undertaken at I2CNER, ranging from material science through to energy system analysis.


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