As of Jul.1. 2024


Dr. Andrew Chapman

Associate Professor of Energy Economics, Graduate School of Economics

Administrative Director and Principal Investigator, Multiscale Science and Engineering for Energy and the Environment, International Institute for Carbon Neutral Energy Research

Research Interests

Energy Analysis, Social Equity, LCA, Hydrogen Society

Dr. Shamal Chndra Karmaker

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Econometrics, Energy Economics focusing on the quantitative evaluation of energy system design and energy transitions

Fan Tianhui (Alice)

Research Interests

Compact city development and CO2 emissions, low-carbon transportation and life cycle assessment


Ladan Mirchegini

Research Interests

Energy systems modeling
Electricity market analysis
Multiple impact assessment of low emission development strategies
Energy efficiency and management, Energy policy

Jason Yap

Research Interests

Hydrogen Economy, Energy Transition, Social Equity, Life Cycle Assessment

Xu Yina (Sissi)

Research Interests

The relationship between green finance and carbon emissions, environmental economics.

Rhea Bridgeland

Research Interests

Environmental justice, energy and sustainability policy, and renewable energy.

Zhang Jingxuan (Janet)

Research Interests

Energy economy, Hydrogen economy, Penetration of hydrogen energy into the future energy system in China 

Rachel Herring

Visiting Researcher

Rachel Herring is a 2023-24 Fulbright-National Geographic Explorer at i2CNER. She researches clean energy policies and pathways towards a just transition in rural Japan.


Adult Graduate Student

Research Interests

Energy economics, Transportation economics, Statistics

Takako Mochida

Lab Manager, Assistant Researcher,Technical Staff

Research Interests

Energy Poverty, Social Equity, Energy Transition, Life Cycle Assessment

Kohei Migita

Technical Staff

He graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Saga University. Conducted research on desiccation tolerance of nematodes.