Thank you for taking an interest in my research. My research focuses on the whole energy system, from a technological, economic, environmental and social point of view. My overall goal is to establish the key influencing factors on a sustainable and fair society with a reliable, resilient energy supply.
My personal research theme is ‘Energy Policy and Social Equity’. Below is a graphic of the key themes and keywords explored in our lab:

This research encompasses the development of effective energy policy, as well as measuring the effects of policy implementation on social equity. With the introduction of new energy policies that do not consider social equity in their development phase, negative impacts on society are not realized until the policy review phase – often years after implementation. This research seeks to rectify this issue firstly by understanding and codifying the energy policy process, then, by evaluating different policy mechanisms’ impact on social equity, it has been shown to be possible to derive alternative energy policies in order to meet economic, environmental and social goals with a deeper understanding of potential policy pitfalls with regard to efficacy and equity.

In addition to social equity research in the energy policy sector, I am also investigating energy system issues and energy policy development, specifically in Japan, across the following topics:

  • Low Carbon Energy Transition Considerations for Japan in a Liberalizing Energy Market
  • Potential Low Carbon and Sustainable Energy Transition Pathways
  • Liquid Hydrogen Import and Use in the Power and Transportation Sectors
  • Grid-based Storage
  • Technological Development and Energy Flow Assessments

Please feel free to have a look at my Academic CV and recent Publications. I look forward to hearing about any joint-research or collaboration ideas that you may have.