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11/2023Energy Research & Social Science

Energy Research & Social Science

Volume 105, 103271


Thinking of the children: Energy poverty and acute respiratory infections among young children in South Asia

Sen, K.K. Karmaker, S.C. Hosan, S. Chapman, A. Saha, B.




Volume 282, 128452


Energy poverty alleviation through financial inclusion: Role of gender in Bangladesh

Sen, K.K. Karmaker, S.C. Hosan, S. Chapman, A. Uddin, K. Saha, B.




Volume 15(17), 13229


Toward Economicall Efficient Carbon Reduction: Contrasting Greening Plastic Supply Chains with Alternative Energy Policy Approaches

Yoshimoto, Y. Kishimoto, K. Sen, K.K. Mochida, T. Chapman, A.


9/2023Energy Research & Social Science

Energy Research & Social Science

Volume 103, 103228


The Just Transition in Japan: Awareness and desires for the future

Chapman, A. McLellan, B. Mabon, L. Yap, J. Karmaker, S.C. Sen, K.K.




Volume 15(18), 13447


Assessing the optimal contributions of renewables and carbon capture and storage toward carbon neutrality by 2050

Nguyen, D.H. Chapman, A. Tsuji, K.


8/2023Publication Cover

Local Environment



Just transitions at the local level: Insights from coal communities in Japan

Mabon, L. Hiratsuka-Sasaki, A. Chapman, A. Mclellan, B.



Frontiers in Sustainable Energy Policy

Volume 2, 1203520


 Accomplishments and challenges of metrics for sustainable energy, population, and economics as illustrated through three countries

Engel-Cox, J. Chapman, A.



Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy




Transformation of ecological footprint through financial development and technological innovation

Hosan, S. Rahman, M.M. Karmaker, S.C. Chapman, A. Saha, B.



Environmental Research Communications

Volume 5, 065010


Investigating the impact of working arrangements and lifestyle factor importance on environmental consciousness

Chapman, A. Karmaker, S.C. Shigetomi, Y.


6/2023Energy Research & Social Science

Energy Research & Social Science

Volume 100, 103088



Evaluating the mediating role of energy subsidies on social wellbeing and energy poverty alleviation in Bangladesh

Hosan, S. Sen, K.K. Rahman, M. Karmaker, S.C. Chapman, A. Saha, B. 




Volume 16(13), 4911


Enhanving Survey Efficiency and Predictive Ability in Energy System Design through Machine Learning: A Workflow-Based Approach for Improved Outcomes

Chapman, A.


4/2023Energy Research & Social Science

Energy Research & Social Science

Volume 98, 103006


Leapfrogging or lagging? Drivers of social equity from renewable energy transitions globally

Fraser, T. Chapman, A. Shigetomi, Y.



International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Volume 20(5), 4502


Do Environmental Regulations Facilitate a Low-Carbon Transformationin China’s Resource-Based Cities?

Xie, W. Chapman, A. Yan, T.




Volume 262(A), 125326


Remittances and multidimensional energy poverty: Evidence from a houeshold survey in Bangladesh

Hosan, S. Rahman, R. Karmaker, S.C. Chapman, A. Saha, B.




Volume 15(1), 588


Renewable Energy Pathways toward Accelerating Hydrogen Fuel Production: Evidence from Global Hydrogen Modeling

Karmaker, S.C. Chapman, A. Sen, K.K. Hosan, S. Saha, B.



Cleaner Production Letters

Volume 3, 100012


Challenges toward achieving a successful hydrogen economy in the US: Potential end-use and infrastructure analysis to the year 2100

Bridgeland, R. Chapman, A. McLellan, B.  Sofronis, P. Yasumasa, F.




Volume 15(19), 7406


The Potential Role of Flying Vehicles in Progressing the Energy Transition

Chapman, A. Fujii, H.


10/2022Socio-Economic Planning Sciences

Socio-Economic Planning Sciences

Volume 83, 101350


Shedding Light on the energy-related social equity of nations toward a just transition

Nakaishi, T. Chapman, A. Kagawa, S.




Volume 14(19), 12634


Policy Driven Compact Cities: Toward Clarifying the Effect of Compact Cities on Carbon Emissions

Fan, T. Chapman, A.


9/2022Energy Strategy Reviews

Energy Strategy Reviews

Volume 43, 100920


Multilateral energy technology cooperation: Improving collaboration effectiveness through evidence from International Energy Agency Technology Collaboration Programmes

Hattori, T. Nam, H. Chapman, A.


9/2022Frontiers in Sustainability

Frontiers in Sustainability

Volume 3, 920955


ESG metrics and social equity: Investigating commensurability

Keeley, A. Chapman, A. Yoshida, K. Xie, J. Imbulana, J. Takeda, S. Managi, S.




Journal of Cleaner Production

Volume 364, 132626


Economic analysis underpinning achievement of the SDGs

Managi,Shunsuke. Fujii, Hidemichi. Andrew, Chapman.



Energy Economics

Volume 112, 106141


Cultural and demographic energy system awareness and preference: Implications for future energy system design in the United States

Chapman, Andrew. Shigetomi, Yosuke. Karmaker, Shamal Chandra. Saha, Bidyut. Blooks Caleb.



International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Volume 47(58), 24651-24668


Low-carbon energy transition with the sun and forest: Solar-driven hydrogen production from biomass

Takeda, S. Nam, H. Chapman, A.



Utilities Policy

Volume 76, 101379



Underpinnings of consumer preferences and participation in Japan’s liberalized energy market

Itaoka,Kenshi. Chapman, Andrew. Farabi-Asl,Hadi.




Volume 243, 123093



The mediating effect of energy poverty on child development: Empirical evidence from energy poor countries

Karmaker, Shamal Chandra. Sen,Kanchan Kumar. Signha, Bipasha. Hosan, Shahadat. Chapman, Andrew J. Saha, Bidyut Baran



Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan

Volume 95


Achieving a Carbon Neutral Future through Advanced Functional Materials and Technologies

Chapman, Andrew. Ertekin, Erif Kubota, Masanobu. Nagao, Akihide. Bertsch,Kaila. Macadre, Arnaud. Tsuchiyama, Toshihiro. Masamura, Takuro. Takaki, Setsuo.  Komoda, Ryosuke. Dadfarnia, Mohsen. Somerday, Brian.



Journal of cleaner production

Volume 330,1


Dynamic links among the demographic dividend, digitalization, energy intensity and sustainable economic growth: Empirical evidence from emerging economies

Hosan,Shahadat. Karmaker, Shandra. Chandra. Rahman,MD. Matiar, Chapman, Andrew.  J, Saha. Bidyut, Baran.

Applied Energy

Volume 304, 117669


The role of current and emerging technologies in meeting Japan’s mid-to long-term carbon reduction goals

A,Chaube. Chapman, A. A,Minami. J,Stubbins. K,D, Huff

  9/2021Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions

Volume 40, Pages 332-347


Evaluating the global impact of low-carbon energy transitions on social equity

Chapman, A. Y,Shigetomi. H,Ohno. B,MacLellan. A,Shinozaki

   8/2021Energy Research & Social Science

Energy Research & Social Science

Volume 80, 102231


 The cultural dynamics of energy: The impact of lived experience, preference and demographics on future energy policy in the United States


Chapman,A. Y,Shigetomi.S,C,Karmaker. B,B, Saha. K,Huff. C,Brooks. J,Stubbins.

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Volume166 , 105263


Detailing the economy-wide carbon emission reduction potential of post-consumer recycling

Ohno, H. Shigetomi, Y. Chapman, A. Fukushima, Y.

  12/2020 Energy Research & Social Science

Volume 70, 101702


Putting the Process into the Policy Mix: Simulating Policy Design for Energy and Electricity Transitions in Japan

Tanaka, Y. Chapman, A. Tezuka, T. Sakurai, S.

IET Electrical Systems in Transportation

Volume 10(4), 409-416


Hydrogen Penetration and Fuel Cell Vehicle Deployment in the Carbon Constrained Future Energy System

Chapman, A. Nguyen, D. Farabi-Asl, H. Itaoka, K. Hirose, K. Fujii, Y.

International Review of Economics & Finance
International Review of Economics & Finance

Volume 70, 398-412


Role of Energy Finance in Geothermal Power Development in Japan

Taghizadeh-Hesary, F. Mortha, A. Farabi-Asl, H. Sarker, T. Chapman, A. Shigetomi, Y. Fraser, T.

  9/2020 Sustainability

12(19), 8232


Impacts of COVID-19 on a Transitioning Energy System, Society and International Cooperation

Chapman, A. Tsuji, T.

  8/2020 Energies

13(17), 4539


The Role of Hydrogen in Achieving Long Term Japanese Energy System Goals

Chaube, A. Chapman, A. Shigetomi, Y. Huff, K. Stubbins, J.

  8/2020 Environmental Research Letters

Volume 15, 084044


Quantifying lifestyle based social equity implications for national sustainable development policy

Shigetomi, Y. Chapman, A. Nansai, K. Matsumoto, K. Tohno, S.

  8/2020 International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control

Volume 99, 103097


Key factors for achieving emission reduction goals cognizant of CCS
Farabi-Asl. H, Itaoka, K. Chapman, A. Kato, E. Kurosawa, A.

Politics & Policy

Volume 48(3), 464-489

  Multiple Streams and Power Sector Policy Change: Evidence from the Feed‐in Tariff Policy Process in Japan
Tanaka, Y. Chapman, A. Tezuka, T. Sakurai. S.

Environmental Policy & Planning

Volume 22(3), 397-412


 Drivers of social equity in renewable energy at the municipal level: the case of local Japanese energy policy and preferences
Fraser, T. Chapman, A.


International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Volume 45(7), 3883-3898


 Societal penetration of hydrogen into the future energy system: Impacts of policy, technology and carbon targets
Chapman, A. Itaoka, K. Farabi-Asl, H. Fujii, Y. Nakahara, M.


Applied Energy

Volume 255, 113869


 Nation-wide emission trading model for economically feasible carbon reduction in Japan
Nguyen, D. Chapman, A. Farabi-Asl, H.


Energy Policy

Volume 135, 111017


 Engendering an inclusive low-carbon energy transition in Japan: Considering the perspectives and awareness of the energy poor
Chapman, A. Okushima, S.


Environmental Science & Technology

Volume 53(24), 14123-14133


 Clarifying Demographic Impacts on Embodied and Materially Retained Carbon toward Climate Change Mitigation
Shigetomi, Y. Ohno, H. Chapman, A. Fujii, H. Nansai, K. Fukushima, Y.



Volume 12(19), Article 3745


 Uncovering Household Carbon Footprint Drivers in an Aging, Shrinking Society
Huang, Y. Shigetomi, Y. Chapman, A. Matsumoto, K.



Volume 12(15), Article 3021


Resource Security Strategies and Their Environmental and Economic Implications: A Case Study of Copper Production in Japan
Motoori, R. McLellan, B. Chapman, A. Tezuka, T. 


Nature Sustainability

Volume 2,
Pages 508-514

  Multinational life satisfaction, perceived inequality and energy affordability
Chapman, A. Fujii, H. Managi, S.

Social Sciences

Volume 8(5),
Article 135

  Investigating Ties between Energy Policy and Social Equity Research: A Citation Network Analysis
Chapman, A. Fraser, T. Dennis, M.

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Volume 44(13),
Pages 6371-6382

   A Review of Four Case Studies Assessing the Potential for Hydrogen Penetration of the Future Energy System
Chapman, A. Itaoka, K. Hirose, K. Davidson, F. Nagasawa, K. Lloyd, A. Webber, M. Kurban, Z. Managi, S. Tamaki, T. Lewis, M. Hebner, R. Fujii, Y.

Sustainability Science

Volume 14(2),
Pages 355-374

   Japan’s Mega Solar Boom: Quantifying Social Equity Expectations and Realities at the Local Scale
Chapman, A. Fraser, T.

Journal of Cleaner Production.

Volume 200,
Pages 39-47.
  Developing national frameworks for inclusive sustainable development incorporating lifestyle factor importance
Chapman, A. Shigetomi, Y.

Applied Energy

Volume 228,
Pages 1561-1568.

   An analysis of urban environmental Kuznets curve of CO2 emissions: Empirical analysis of 276 global metropolitan areas
Fujii, H. Iwata, K. Chapman, A. Kagawa, S. Managi, S.

Science of the Total Environment

Volume 639,
Pages 385-396.

   Visualizing the shape of society: An analysis of public bads and burden allocation due to household consumption using an input-output approach
Chapman, A. Shigetomi, Y.

Applied Energy

Volume 219,
Pages 187-198.

  Prioritizing mitigation efforts considering co-benefits, equity and energy justice: Fossil fuel to renewable energy transition pathways
Chapman, A. McLellan, B. Tezuka. T.

Energy Research &
Social Science

Volume 37,
Pages 102-110.
  Curiosity, economic and environmental reasoning: Public perceptions of liberalization and renewable energy transition in Japan
Chapman, A. Itaoka, K.

Energy for Sustainable Development

Volume 42,
Pages 136-151

  Social equity impacts in Japan’s mega-solar siting process
Fraser, T. Chapman, A.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Volume 81(2),
Pages 2019-2027.
  Energy transition to a future low-carbon energy society in Japan’s liberalizing electricity market: Precedents, policies and factors of successful transition
Chapman, A. Itaoka, K.
10(1), 244.
  Key Drivers for Cooperation toward Sustainable Development and the Management of CO2 Emissions: Comparative Analysis of Six Northeast Asian Countries
Chapman, A. Fujii, H. Managi, S.

Journal of Cleaner Production.

Volume 172,
Pages 1014-1024.
  Strategic and user-driven transition scenarios: Toward a low carbon society, encompassing the issues of sustainability and societal equity in Japan
Chapman, A. Pambudi, N.

International Journal of Energy Research

Volume 41(14),
Pages 2374-2391.
  Hydrogen import pathway comparison framework incorporating cost and social preference: Case studies from Australia to Japan
Chapman, A. Fraser, T, Itaoka, K.
Social Sciences

Volume 6,
Article 4.
  Feed-in Tariff Pricing and Social Burden in Japan: Evaluating International Learning through a Policy Transfer Approach
Tanaka, Y. Chapman, A. Sakurai, S. Tezuka, T.

Energy Research &
Social Science.

Volume 21,
Pages 54-69.
  Proposing an evaluation framework for energy policy making incorporating equity: Applications in Australia.
Chapman, A. McLellan, B. Tezuka, T.

Journal of Cleaner Production.

Volume 128,
Pages 77-96.
  Geography, urbanization and lock-in – considerations for sustainable transitions to decentralized energy systems
McLellan, B. Chapman, A. Aoki, K.

Administrative Sciences.

Volume 6,
Article 3.
  Strengthening the Energy Policy Making Process and Sustainability Outcomes in the OECD through Policy Design
Chapman, A. McLellan, B. Tezuka, T.

Renewable Energy.

Volume 86,
Page 1265-1279.
  Residential solar PV policy: An analysis of impacts, successes and failures in the Australian case.
Chapman, A. McLellan, B. Tezuka, T.