Aug-Oct 2019: 3 New Publications

This last three months has seen 3 of our papers published, all focusing on resources, lifestyles and footrpints.

The first, “Uncovering Household Carbon Footprint Drivers in an Aging, Shrinking Society” lead by Mr Huang of Nagasaki University, looks at Japan and how demographics impact upon specific carbon footprints, while the second “Resource Security Strategies and Their Environmental and Economic Implications: A Case Study of Copper Production in Japan”, led by Ms Motoori of Kyoto University, looks at metals, recycling and implications for deep sea mining.

The third paper “Clarifying Demographic Impacts on Embodied and Materially Retained Carbon toward Climate Change Mitigation”, led by Dr Shigetomi of Nagasaki University, is an in depth consideration of demographic impacts on both materially retained carbon, and embodied carbon, and how recycling or sequestration of this carbon in products affects climate change mitigation, leading to strong policy implications for aging nations such as Japan.

Each of these papers are representative of the interdisciplinary, collaborative research being undertaken between Kyushu University and our joint research institutes.


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