From 25-26 January, I attended the 34th National Energy Systems, Economics & Environment Conference, held in Tokyo. My research presentation was entitled “Energy Policy and Social Equity in the Transition to a Low-Carbon Society”, focusing on household participation in a number of initiatives including demand response, network storage and self-sufficient energy infrastructure.  This presentation was given on the first day of the conference in the Energy Policy Session.

On the second day of the conference, my joint research colleague Dr Shigetomi made a presentation about our joint research entitled “Evaluation of Social Equity Associated with Household Consumption from the Life Cycle Perspective”. This research brings together Dr Shigetomi’s expertise in Life Cycle and Input Output Analysis, and my own Energy Policy Sustainability Evaluation Framework (EPSEF). Dr Shigetomi made a wonderful presentation, and many interesting comments and questions were fielded, providing us with strong inspiration to further develop our research ideas.


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